This list of resources provides additional information about each topic covered Working Well With Grantees: A Guide for Foundation Program Staff. These resources include past CEP research publications, CEP profiles of highly rated program officers and staff at highly rated foundations, toolkits, and blog posts to help you improve the way you work with your grantees.

Forming Strong Relationships with Grantees 

 Providing Assistance Beyond the Grant to Grantees

  • See More than Money: Making a Difference with Assistance Beyond the Grant (CEP, 2008) to learn more about the attitudes and behaviors of foundation CEOs and program staff in providing assistance beyond the grant, the types of nonmonetary assistance grantees receive, how grantees view this assistance, and under what conditions they report that their organizations have been strengthened by the provision of assistance beyond the grant.
  • To learn about the Wallace Foundation’s approach to providing assistance beyond the grant, see the profile of the Wallace Foundation, Strengthening Education Leadership through Field-Focused Assistance, in More Than Money.
  • Paul Beaudet’s blog post “Putting Grantees in the Center of your Map” about how placing grantees at the focus of their outcome maps allowed the Wilburforce Foundation to strengthen grantee relationships and invest in capacity-building to empower grantees.
  • Linda Wood’s blog “More Truth-Telling and Candor?” about what the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund learned from investing in leadership development of the executive directors of its grantee organizations.

 Providing Operating Support

 Making Your Reporting and Evaluation Process Helpful to Grantees

  • See Grantees Report Back: Helpful Reporting and Evaluation Processes (CEP, 2011) to learn more about how grantees experience foundation-required reporting and evaluation processes and how those processes can be more helpful to them. In particular, read interviews with highly rated program officers Amy Berman and Ken Thompson to learn how they try to make reporting and evaluation processes helpful to both them and their grantees.
  • Another CEP research report shows that nonprofits do not find foundations all that helpful in nonprofits’ efforts to measure and manage their performance. See Room for Improvement: Foundations’ Support of Nonprofit Performance Assessment (CEP, 2012) to learn what nonprofits think about assessing their performance and how foundations can better support them in doing so.
  • Fay Twersky’s blog post “Time for a Gold Standard of Use” on the importance of, and common misconceptions about, evaluation.

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