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  • Outcomes, Knowledge, Wisdom & Time
Outcomes, Knowledge, Wisdom & Time

“Wait for that wisest of all counselors, Time.” ~ Pericles In a recent press conference, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen indicated that the data on [...]

  • Datapoint: Donor Engagement and Donor Satisfaction
Datapoint: Donor Engagement and Donor Satisfaction

In recent years, various experts and observers have discussed the value of engaging donors at community foundations.[1] The knowledge and connections community foundation staff have, [...]

  • Emerging Views of Emergent Strategy
Emerging Views of Emergent Strategy

Foundations often turn to consultants for help in designing strategies. Given this, the work of consulting firms – and the approaches they promote through consulting [...]

  • What is Foundation Effectiveness?
What is Foundation Effectiveness?

Foundation effectiveness requires clear goals, coherent strategies, disciplined implementation, and relevant performance indicators. “They may seem obvious but they are actually really hard to do,” [...]

  • Taking Aim
Taking Aim

Times are changing for foundations and donors. The launch by NCRP of Philamplify, an initiative to publicly assess foundations, along with the introduction late last [...]